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 Photo by Leslie Beard                                                                    Photo by Nextagephoto.com

American and International Champion S'Posan's Queen Anne's Lace, NAJ

                                      August 5, 1999 - - - January 16, 2012

Lacey went to live with Leslie Beard, Tailspin Cockers, as a puppy and returned to S'Posan's in March 2003. Since returning she earned a major and several single points to complete her American Championship.  Her International Championship was earned while with Leslie. Lacey has also earned her first Agility title (NAJ).  We are thrilled to have Lacey back with us again.  Thank you Leslie, for loving and caring for her.

lacey int ch.jpg (24376 bytes)    Lacey with Leslie earning the International Championship title.

lacey major win.jpg (90352 bytes)    Lacey with Sandy earning her second major at Bloomington in June 2003.

While living with Leslie Beard, Lacey was bred to Powder Puffs Traveling Man (Micah)  and one of the pups from this litter is Bailey, now known as CH Tailspin's Bailey's Irish Cream.  He was handled to his Championship by Jan and is owned and loved by Kara Dunnam.  Bailey is the first Champion out of Lacey and we hope for many more in the future.

bailey 2mjr.jpg (28560 bytes)      bailey new ch.jpg (176167 bytes)

 On July 30th, 2006, Lacey whelped a boy and a girl.  The sire is our lovely dog, Jake.  Shown below are Ansley with her family, and Troy in his home, as they celebrate their first Christmas.  These pups are so wonderful that we did a repeat of the breeding on Feb. 27, 2007.  Staying at S'Posan is "Emmy" (S'posans Duplikate)


Lacey's Pedigree:

CH Kaplarís Citizen Cane


CH HiTops Flash Dancer




HiTop Amber Samba

Am/Int. CH Laurentís By Love Possessed, UDX, NA, NAJ





CH Especial E Made For Darling


Laurentís Just Peachy Keen




Bordenís Simply Sweet Sara



CH Osageís Front Page Story


Rosehills Yes I Will




Laurelís Delishious Tisha

SíPosanís Little Orphan Annie, CDX, CGC





CH Grisard Equestrian Gold, CD


SíPosanís Chantilly Lace, CD




SíPosanís Victorian Lace, CD