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  International Champion Peri's Thunder Road, NAJ
  Sadly, Jake passed over the Rainbow Bridge, March 2013
  Jake was a dog who could do it all, with a lovely and willing temperament he is was comfortable in the agility ring as he was in conformation.  Although Jan will tell you he likes agility more!  This lovely boy was bred by Donna Helmick and Peringar Rismyhr.  Jake lived with Jan, and was trained and shown by Jan.  
  Jake shown above as he earned his first leg in Novice Jumper with Weaves in April 2006.  In February 2007, Jake earns his 2nd Q. And in March 2007 Jake earns his 3rd leg and Novice Jumpers with Weaves (NAJ) title!

Jake and Jan had to stop running in Agility after Jan had some significant health issues.
  Jake shown above as he earned Best of Variety both days at the Crab Orchard shows in June, 2006 for his first points toward his Championship.  He is shown by Jan.  Photo by Bill Meyer.