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One of the greatest joys of being a breeder is to enjoy the accomplishments of our grown puppies - whether they earn titles or become the best couch potatoes in someone's world, it doesn't matter.  Each one is special.  This page is to share with everyone the accomplishments of our grown puppies.

It is our intent to create a special page featuring each of these puppies.  If you have one of our puppies and they are not shown here, please send me pictures and information so that we can add them, and if your puppy is featured here we'd love to have up-dated pictures and information to share on your puppies page. 

 Ansley Collins   Baby Grace Carlson     Bella Crosson
      Breeze major.jpg (106232 bytes)
Boomer Ambler   Bouncer Ojile     Breeze Tayloe
Caysi Dunnam   Charlie Boothman     Codi Saiz
divine.jpg (41690 bytes)      
Divine Mann   Finn Collins     Gracie Moody
Josie Campbell   Kimber Miller     Lizzy Dunnam
Lola Wilcox   Maddie Lemon     Maggie Morgan
      mea wins.jpg (102907 bytes)
Manny Wiser   Marlo Joyce     Mea Hahn
Mulligan Sherlock   Oliver Purze     Sally Trumpower
  taylor_stacked.jpg (43418 bytes)    
Sarah Becker   Taylor Bast     Teddy Hellrung
  walker russel intch.jpg (48940 bytes)    
Tonto Joe Rea   Walker Russell     Walter Jost
Wyatt Joyce